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Top quality padel courts


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The TPL PRO, our flagship court, sets a new standard in padel courts design and innovation. Introducing a revolutionary design approach, it establishes a new benchmark in padel aesthetics. It also features an innovative light post design that eliminates any interference that might affect high-level play, especially for shots over the walls. It offers unmatched customization options, catering to the needs of premier clubs and professional players.

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The SX1 padel court distinguishes itself with unparalleled cleanliness and elegance. Its defining feature is the absence of visible fixtures for the glass panels, ensuring a spotless look. Engineered for clarity and panoramic views, it offers players and spectators an unblemished, high-definition experience. Our panoramic structure, constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel tubes, ensures the utmost durability of the court, guaranteeing maximum cleanliness and visibility.


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The VX360 padel court redefines competition standards by combining elite performance with a super panoramic design that's both lightweight and spectacle-enhancing. Engineered for precision and durability, it exceeds professional play demands with a high-performance surface and strategic, robust construction. Its design not only optimizes visibility for players and spectators but also makes it the market's lightest padel court, elevating the entertainment value of each match.


Discover the next generation of padel with our Automated Padel Courts, where automation simplifies booking, payment, and access.

Equipped with in-built cameras for match statistics, automatic scoreboards, adjustable lighting, and smart glasses, these courts offer a seamless, technologically enriched experience. Integrated vending for equipment access is made simple, ensuring a focused and efficient playing environment.




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